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Welcome to Dark Nebula Gaming, a site devoted to tabletop wargaming. Contained within these pages you will find a number of rule variants and resources for the fantastic Frag, from Steve Jackson Games. Resources for other games may be published in the future, just as soon as I can get them ready for public consumption.

In-house Frag Variants & Resources
Frag Bug Hunt Frag Bug Hunt

Based on Frag by Steve Jackson games, Bug Hunt pitches Earth's Colonial Marines against their deadliest foes, xenomorphs with acid for blood - the Aliens.

Included within are rules and character sheets, plus some desktop wallpapers based on Bug Hunt.

Hudson: Is this going to be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?
Gorman: All we know is that there is still is no contact with the colony, and that a xenomorph may be involved.
Frost: Excuse me sir, a what?
Gorman: A xenomorph.
Hicks: It's a bughunt.
Frag Tiles Frag Tiles

Want a little more flexibility in your Frag maps?

So did we, so we created our own set of custom Frag map tiles.
Frag Trek - Deep Space Carnage Frag Trek - Deep Space Carnage
To boldy Frag where no man has Fragged before.

A complete Star Trek makeover for Frag, featuring all new Weapon and Gadget card decks. There is also an optional 'Q' deck, which replaces the standard Frag Special cards.

Phasers, disruptors, Bat'Leths, cloaking screens - you'll find them all here. So if you're a Trek fan or if you just love Frag and want to try something new then take a look inside and try it out.
Frag! Standup Figures
Frag! Standup Figures
Frag! Standup Figures

The files contained here are all in Adobe Acrobat or JPEG format and each contain a template for a variety of Player and Accessory standups for use in Frag.
Larry Leadhead - The Gamer's Comic
A must read for any wargamer - take a look at the site and delve through the archives, most gamers will definitely relate to this.

Larry Leadhead Weekly Comic Strip

Contact Details
If you have any questions, suggestions, comments etc. regarding anything shown on these pages then contact us using any of the e-mail addresses shown alongside the Variants and Resources or mail me (Mike) at Frag@darknebula.co.uk

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