Frag Star Wars

Coming Soon (I hope!)

It's early yet, but Frag Star Wars is underway now. Seeing as I've already worked out how to create & print Frag cards then I'm hoping this won't take too long. All I need to do now is design complete Weapon, Gadget and Jedi card decks. Not a quick task, but as you can see from below, I am working on them.

Frag Star Wars - Weapon Card Back Frag Star Wars - Gadget Card Back Frag Star Wars - Jedi Card Back
Weapon Card Back Gadget Card Back Jedi Card Back
Frag Star Wars - Imperial Blaster Rifle Frag Star Wars - Set For Stun Watch


Space !
Imperial Blaster Rifle
Weapon stats still subject to change at this point
Blaster - Set for Stun Cards yet to be designed.

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